What is White Heart?
Us: We’re a nonprofit that helps our nation's post-9/11 injured warriors.

You: Oh, I don’t trust nonprofits.  There are so many shady ones out there.
Us: That there are. Fair enough.  But we’re different.

You: How?
Us: We encourage you to donate straight to our warriors and programs – so you know exactly where your money is going. Plus, if you choose to pay your credit card transaction fees, 100% of your donation will go where you intended.

You: Really?
Us: Yes.

You: Rad.
Us: I know, right?

You: Then how do you pay for your operations?
Us: We have angel donors who cover the cost of our operations. We also receive grants, corporate matching funds, and hold events from time-to-time to make sure your dollars are being used as you intended.

You: Do you just cut a check to the hero?
Us: No.  We handle all of the money to ensure it is used properly.  In other words, if we are purchasing a piece of rehabilitation equipment for an injured warrior - we pay the manufacturer directly for that equipment. In some instances, we issue reimbursements for efficiency.

You: How do you pick your White Heart Warriors?
Us: We have many personal connections with rehabilitation hospitals, military installations, etc.  This helps us get a better evaluation of their needs. Most of our warriors have been introduced to the foundation organically through other White Heart Warriors.

You: What warriors do you help?
Us: Our board has pinpointed warriors that have the toughest path to recovery. That is, they must be be post-9/11 veterans who were injured in a military related accident - not necessarily combat. Multiple amputations, traumatic brain injuries, etc.

You: Where can I get information on the Ride to the Flags?
Us: www.ridetotheflags.com

You: I know someone who could benefit from your Guardian Project. How can I refer them to you?
Us: Shoot an email to jed@whiteheart.org

You: I know someone who could benefit from your One Life Medical Program. How can I refer them to you?
Us: At the current time, we are not accepting referrals outside of our adopted network. When more resources become available for us to do so, we will let you know on our One Life program page.

Got more questions?  Hit us up.  

Email us at: info@whiteheart.org